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Water your terrarium only by misting, using an atomizer and distilled water (do not use tap water, it contains chemicals and minerals that build up in the soil and stain the glass and this water is pretty hard on the plants too).

Our terrariums are closed ecosystems that mimic rainforests. The seal means that water/humidity is trapped inside and reused by the plants, so you will need to water rarely, once every few months (we observed that it takes about 3-6 months for a terrarium to need to be watered). 

Bear in mind that the substrate has to be slightly moist and never wet, you can observe how the substrate is slightly pressing onto the glass right after being misted, (or as it was the day you bought/received it) as this is a good indication on the correct amount of water in your terrarium. Or you can look at the soil substrate's color (dark brown for moist, light brown for dry).

The terrarium has a pebble lower substrate that is meant to collect the extra water in case of an overwatering, but it is not advisable to rely on that as it is not ok for water to be stagnant in the pebble substrate (as bacteria and algae will surely start to develop); also the water will not evaporate easily as this is a closed container.

Best rule of thumb is not to overwater, as most plants will recover from drought periods but not from overwatering.



Place your terrarium in a place where it will receive bright indirect light, and make sure the sunrays won’t reach the glass.If there isn’t much natural light in your space, using artificial lighting is the best solution for your terrarium as not only you will be able to position it anywhere in your home, but you can also control the amount of light it receives vs relying on natural light, that is unpredictable. Using a warm led light (470 lumens, 2700k, neutral color) for 12 to 14 hours per day and a smart plug is the best recipe (you can order a smart plug online from any hardware store).



It is advisable to take the top of the terrarium once every few days, for 10 to 15 minutes to allow for some airflow. Even though you would think the terrarium is a small self-sustained environment, plants usually need airflow to thrive, and in a closed terrarium the air will become stagnant. This is not a general rule, there are closed terrariums that did very well on a long period of time not ever being opened, but we like to stay on the safe side, and allow for the best conditions for our little plants.



It is normal for the glass to become foggy in the morning and evening as condensation appears when there is a difference of temperature between the inside and the outside of your terrarium.  If foggy becomes big droplets of water on the glass you can simply take the cap off for 30 minutes or try to wipe the glass with a paper towel( if the opening of the glass allows you to).



There will come a time when the plants in your terrarium will outgrow the terrarium glass and that will call for a pruning session! You can do that yourself with a pair of clean scissors, but you need to be informed about each plant you are going to prune as the method is different for every plant. In short, you need to be careful to prune only close to a nod (right above the nod, a clean non angulated cut) and to clean the terrarium of the parts of plants you just cut.

We can offer advice on every plant, just drop us a line when pruning is in order!



            OTHER SURPRISES!


Along with all things green in your terrarium, we added some white tiny bugs, called springtails, or "the cleaning crew". They will keep the terrarium clean as they feed on dead leaves, mold and debris. 


Once in a while tiny mushrooms might appear inside the terrarium, this is a sign that the humidity inside is optimal! Do enjoy this appearance as the mushroom has a life span of approximately one day.

Lastly, just like in nature it is normal for some of the plants to lose their leaves, to change shape or to eventually die (no worries, other plants inside will soon take their place). The terrarium is an ecosystem in permanent change, transforming everyday so for the best possible experience, please take a few moments daily, to enjoy the green show that all the plants inside put up just for you.


If you have more questions or need extra details about taking care of your terrarium,  you can reach us anytime either through our contact form, email, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp or phone.

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